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Saraj Gottstein, LPC

Meet Saraj

Meet Saraj

I identify as a lifelong learner, a believer in personal growth, healing, and have had a long-time interest in human relationships. I spent my undergraduate years in Bellingham, WA at Western Washington University where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and psychology. I was lucky enough to study abroad in both Norway and Chile. In 2017, I graduated from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado with a Master’s Degree in Wilderness Therapy and Counseling. It was at Naropa that I was able to fuse my passion for the outdoors, self-inquiry, mindfulness, and personal growth together. Since graduation I have spent the past 7 years working in community mental health agencies in Anchorage.

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Intake Assessment​ 60 min

This is the initial appointment and first step in receiving counseling services. The purpose of this visit is to gather background information, current concerns , and goals for therapy. The assessment is a collaborative process.

Assessment tools and other screening measurements may be used to track a client's overall well-being, progress, and needs.

A mental health assessment is used to determine an appropriate diagnosis.

This session allows the therapist to gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique situation a client is in, help determine their needs, which in turn will help guide the treatment. I provide this service for clients 13 years and up.

Individual Therapy 50-55 min

The frequency of individual therapy is determined by the client and therapist and can vary.

Sessions are confidential and are compliant with HIPAA. This will be reviewed during the initial session. The primary goals of individual therapy are identified by client and therapist and are typically geared to address any emotional, psychological, or behavioral issues. Individual therapy is a process for the client to gain insight, obtain tools, improve thoughts and feelings, and develop strategies for successful coping and resolve challenges. The clinical approach used in individual therapy will be specific to each client.

The therapeutic relationship is central to the success of individual therapy; trust and rapport are essential for effective treatment. I provide this service for 13 years and up.

Trauma Treatment 50-55 min

Clients who have a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or other Trauma related diagnosis are eligible for specific Evidence-Based manualized treatment.

Clients who are 18 and under may benefit from Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT), typically 16-20 sessions.

Clients 14 and older may benefit from Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), typically 12-16 sessions. 
These specific modalities follow specific guidelines and a session protocol.

The ARC framework Is a modality that may benefit younger clients and families who have experienced multiple or prolonged traumatic stress. I provide this service for 13 years and up.

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Well Counseling LLC's Most Commonly Billed CPT Codes and Costs Before In-Network Adjustments

90791 - Initial Intake Evaluation $350
90832 - Psychotherapy 16-37 minutes - $
90834 - Psychotherapy 38-52 Minutes- $200
90837 - Psychotherapy 53+ Minutes - $250
90839 - Psychotherapy for Crisis first 60 minutes - $185
90840 - Psychotherapy for Crisis; each additional 30 minutes - $160
90846 - Family Psychotherapy (Without Patient Present) - $250
90847 - Family Psychotherapy (With Patient Present) - $250
90853 - Group Psychotherapy - $70
90785 - Interactive Complexity Add-on Code - $30

To learn more about Billing and Rates, click here.

Finding a therapist that is the right fit for you can be a long process and often stressful. I offer a free 15 minute consultation by phone to get to know me, my approach, and answer any questions you might have about me & my practice.

(907) - 600 - 9279

Telehealth appointments are available upon request.


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